May 21, 2021

Benefits of working from a garden office reported in September 2020 that 60% of the adult population in the U.K were working from home.

Many of these adults will be working in their bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms increasingly blurring the lines between a home and work life. At the Green Room Company, we have seen a significant rise in demand for garden offices as many people are now looking for a dedicated quiet space to work in. The Green Room Company offer a bespoke service building your dream office space just a few steps away from your house. 

But why are they such a great option when working from home?

1. You’ll enjoy the freedom

Working from home is different to working from the office, everything is more relaxed. You can wear more casual clothes than your usual office attire, take your lunch break when it suits your own schedule and take regular short breaks that may have not been possible in the humdrum of office life. A garden office allows you to take control of your work life giving you more freedom, whilst still allowing you to maintain a professional standard away from the office.

2. You’ll save money and important time

One of the biggest expenses any commuting worker faces is travel costs. By cutting out your commute, you will be saving money. This money usually apportioned to the cost of petrol or train tickets can be put away for that next holiday.  

3. You won’t have a lengthy commute 

The U.K’s average commute time is 1 hour and 38 minutes daily; by commissioning a garden room just steps from your house you will be saving precious valuable time each day. You will also have the choice each day whether to start work early to get more work completed or start your work at a later time allowing a more relaxed start to your day.

4. You can customise your space

When you choose to build a garden room office space with the Green Room, you can customise it to meet your dream specifications. With a bespoke built office space, you’ll also be able to decorate the space to meet your own tastes. We can paint the interior any colour of your choice, set up your required desk and shelving spaces to your liking and even find space for some plants and greenery if this is your style. 

5. It still separates your work life and home life

Having your office in the garden, creates that important divide between home life and work life that most home offices don’t provide. You’ll have more of a chance to unwind and spend time with friends and family indoors without the temptation to check your emails late into the evening with your computer safely locked in your garden office. 

6. You can make the most of peace and quiet

In general, offices can quite often become the opposite of a productive work space. With excess noise and crowding, it’s sometimes difficult to concentrate or hear yourself think! By having a garden office, you will be the only employee working allowing you to make the most of the peaceful atmosphere. It also allows you to choose your individual ambience with your own music at a volume which suits your work style.

7. Its eco-friendly

By removing your commute from your daily routine, you are also contributing to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint. Driving to and from work creates pollution that has a negative impact on the atmosphere. Every garden office built helps reduce the number of cars on the road each day.

8. You can have your office ready in no time

Green Room Company garden rooms are made from timber frames so they can be put together very quickly. With this speedy installation process, you can be working peacefully from your own home in a bespoke designed office in no time. 

9. It’s a more professional look

Sitting at a dining room table doesn’t quite have the wow factor to clients and customers that having your own home office can bring. By commissioning a garden office, you appear more professional, increasing your productivity within your work-space ten-fold.

10. It helps improve your health and well being 

Research conducted into the impact of having a separate workspace has concluded that it greatly improves both your wellbeing and lifestyle. An example of this would be improving your sleep quality by moving your working space out of your bedroom. Studies show that if you work in the room where you sleep, your body starts to associate that space with being awake. Unfortunately, this causes you to take longer to switch off and go to sleep. 

Also, having a garden office will enable you to work at a proper desk improving your posture (avoiding back issues!).

11. You won’t need planning permission

Many of our garden rooms do not require planning permission to install; our buildings fall under permitted development (built under 2.5m high externally). Our bespoke designs can easily be created and installed to work within these limitations.

12.You can add value to your home

With the recent increase in installations of garden rooms, studies have been undertaken to see how much value these structures can add to your property. These studies have found that a well maintained outbuilding can add up to 5% to the value of the overall property. They have also been found to return up to 1.5x their initial installation cost. Something to consider if you ever plan on selling your home!

Plan your garden office with professional contractors

By speaking with the Green Room Company, you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be planning out your perfect garden office with us at a cost to suit your budget. Using quality sustainable materials, we offer a bespoke service designing and creating stylish garden offices to suit your exact requirements.

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